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1. Learn from basic jobs


Everything starts from the basics. Bankers start by counting notes and sales managers startwith door-to-door selling. Tao Pei, 22, spent her first month in Beijing as a trade specialist at afood company faxing and photocopying.


“I was upset,” said Tao. “I was expecting to deal with clients instead of printers.” But shegradually discovered that running errands taught her how the whole business functions.


For example, Tao is told to photocopy remittance vouchers and client invoices for doublechecking before the originals are mailed. This helps to avoid any potential disputes later on.


“Senior workers don't explain these details to you, but you can learn through doing basic jobs,”said Tao.


How to be a happy errand runner:


Say “Hi” to people and make friends with your colleagues.


Read files while waiting by the printer. They are free “textbooks”.


2. Learn to handle pressure


Many problems met by newbies are as a result of a lack of practical work experience.


On her first day at work, Tao stood puzzled in front of the scanner. “When assigning tasks tome, my colleagues assume that I can figure how to do things out by myself,” said Tao.


In order not to let them down, Tao even uses her spare time to improve her performance inthe office. “The senior staff are able to put work aside when they walk out of the office, but Ican’t,” she said.


The website 51job.com recently conducted a survey on employee insecurity. Among the 365interviewees, 43 percent have less than three years’ work experience. About 67 percent ofinterviewees often feel insecure. The report points out that the main source of newbies’insecurity is fear about work performance.


Cai Zhiyang, 23, who started to work in an electric power enterprise three months ago inGuangzhou, also admitted to making extra efforts to ease the pressure of his first job. Hevolunteered to stay on night shifts during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. “I can afford theloss of holidays, if that helps me to master my job more quickly,” said Cai.


Easy ways to relax:


Keep a bubble wrap in your desk drawer. Press it and feel your stress disappear with thesound of popping bubbles.


Meditate for 10 minutes during your lunch break.


3. Get used to having less freedom


Gu Zhiren, 22, works at an IT consulting firm in Shunde, Guangdong, an hour from his home inGuangzhou. His job involves endless business trips, which fuel his desire to make regular visitshome.


“At college, I could go out on dates and visit my grandma whenever I liked in my spare time.But now, I cannot afford such freedom,” complained Gu.


Office etiquette and rules might also imperil new employees who haven’t yet made the switchfrom campus mind to office mind.


Tao Pei once broke into a run in the office during an urgent task, but was pulled to one side andscolded by a senior member of staff, who said to her: “Slow down and be quiet. You’re in theoffice now, not at college!”


Tao used to feel constrained by such rules, but now she has a fresh perspective: “Respectingoffice rules is an indicator of professionalism.”


Three office rules you must know:


Clean your desk before starting work.


Control your time spent on text messages and phone calls if they are not related to work.


Keep your voice down and your footsteps soft.



assign 分配,指派

bubble wrap 外包装气泡膜

imperil 使处于危险

frustrating 令人沮丧的

invoice 发票

meditate 冥想

etiquette 礼节

newbie 新手

photocopy 复印

professionalism 职业道德,职业水准

remittance 汇款

run errands 打杂,跑腿,供差遣

scanner 扫描仪

voucher 凭证

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