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Just south of Sardinia’s world-famous cosplayta Smeralda, thelonely island of Tavolara rises wildly from the cerulean sea like ajagged mountain. There are no roads or hotels, and the onlyinhabitable stretch is a white-sand tongue that’s best measuredfrom end to end in steps.


This is where I found Antonio Bertoleoni as our ferry sputtered to a float. Better known as"Tonino", the 83-year-old former fisherman owns Tavolara’s only restaurant and is the reigningruler of the island, which happens to be the smallest inhabited kingdom in the world. For the past22 years, Tonino has commanded this 5sqkm mini-monarchy in shorts and sandals.

这就是我遇到Antonio Bertoleoni 的地方,当时,大家的渡船撞到了一个浮船上。最好把AntonioBertoleoni叫做"Tonino",他是前拥有塔沃拉拉唯一一间餐饮店的渔夫,现年83岁,是这座岛屿的执政统治者,这是世界上最小的人居王国。在过去的22年里,Tonino穿着短裤和凉鞋指挥这座五平方公里的袖珍君主国。

“I’m probably the world’s most ordinary king,” Tonino said, burying his feet in the sand andlooking toward his restaurant. “The only privilege I enjoy is free meals.”


The Kingdom of Tavolara is currently celebrating its 180th anniversary and actually predates Italyby 25 years. Forming your own island nation might sound like the kind of thing you’d dream upwhen you’re marooned in the Mediterranean, but the story began in 1807 when Tonino’s great-great-grandfather, Giuseppe Bertoleoni, became the then uninhabited island’s first settler.Described as a “half shepherd, half pirate” in the book Tavolara, Island of the Kings, the Genoveseimmigrant had recently married two sisters and was seeking a safe haven to escape his bigamycharge.

现在,塔沃拉拉王国正在庆祝它180周年的纪念日,其实,该岛的打造早于意大利25年。当你被孤身放逐到地中海后,组建是我们的岛屿王国或许是一种梦想,但1807年时,Tonino的祖祖祖父Giuseppe Bertoleoni,成为了当时无人岛的第一个定居者,故事便开始了。塔沃拉拉的书本将这描述为“一半牧羊人,一半海盗”,日前,岛上的国王-热那亚移民和两个姐妹成婚,寻求一个安全的避难所以逃避重婚罪指控。

Giuseppe and his small harem soon realized that they were sharing their island paradise with a rarespecies of wild goats whose teeth were dyed a golden-yellow colour by the seaweed and lichenthey ate. Word of the gilt-toothed goats eventually spread to Sardinia’s ruler, Carlo Alberto, whoeagerly travelled to Tavolara to hunt the animals in 1836. Giuseppe’s 24-year-old son, Paolo,guided the hunting excursions.

Giuseppe和他的小妾立刻意识到,他们正在和一种罕见的野生山羊共享岛屿天堂,这种山羊的牙齿被他们吃的海藻和地衣染成了金黄色。金牙山羊这个词汇最后传到了撒丁岛统治者Carlo Alberto的耳朵里,1836年,他热切地到塔沃拉拉旅游,猎捕这种金牙山羊。Giuseppe24岁的儿子Paolo指挥打猎短途旅游。

“When he landed, Carlo Alberto introduced himself by saying, ‘I’m Carlo Alberto, the King ofSardinia,’” Tonino said. “And so my great-grandfather replied, ‘Well, I’m Paolo, the King ofTavolara.’”

“当他着陆的时候,Carlo Alberto如此介绍自己,我是Carlo Alberto,撒丁岛的国王。”我的曾祖父Tonino回答道:“你好,我是Paolo,塔沃拉拉的国王。”

After killing several goats and feasting for three days at Paolo’s home, Carlo Alberto was sodelighted that he said, “Paolo, you really are the King of Tavolara!” before sailing off, according toTonino. Joking or not, Carlo Alberto later confirmed that the far-flung island had never officiallybeen part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, and he sent Paolo a scroll from Carlo Alberto’s royal family,the House of Savoy, that certified the monarchy’s status.

在捕杀了几只山羊,然后在Paolo家设宴三天后,Carlo Albert很高兴地说:“Paolo,你真的是塔沃拉拉的国王!”起航离开前,据Tonino说,不知晓是否开玩笑,Carlo Alberto随后承认,这座偏远的岛屿官方上一直都不是撒丁王国的一部分,他赠与 Paolo 一个Carlo Alberto皇室家庭的画册——《萨沃伊的家》,证明岛屿君主国的地位。

“For me, it’s a privilege just to live here,” Tonino said,. “Who needs a crown when you have apalace?”


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